Landfill Rehabilitation



  • Sealing of stone drainage (COMPLETE)
  • Cover leachate tanks (COMPLETE)
  • Install P traps on Tank Overflows (COMPLETE)
  • Extraction system for tanks LTP (COMPLETE)
  • Reduce blending of leachate in trenches  (COMPLETE)
  • Trials with biological remediation continuing in V2 landfill and V2 SW dam (COMPLETE)
  • Ongoing treatment of the workface with Lime

Gas Capture system (COMPLETE)

  • Design approval from DEA received
  • Installation of Gas Capture system (COMPLETE)


  • Pilot flare (COMPLETE)
  • Commissioning (COMPLETE)
  • Chemical Gas Scrubber (COMPLETE)
  • Bio-Gas scrubbers (COMPLETE)

Continue treatment with ferrous / ferric solutions.

All waste acceptance, disposal and treament suspended as per court order.

Installation of two real-time air monitors on site and three in the community (COMPLETE)


Action Plans & Findings

Shongweni Update - 04 Apr 2017