Shongweni Landfill
The Story

There has been an active interest in the Shongweni Landfill site from the Shongweni and Hillcrest community and other interested stakeholders. This website aims to inform, educate, encourage and facilitate engagement with all stakeholders in order to address issues that are important to everyone involved with the operation.


The Beginning

The Shongweni Landfill Site was established by waste disposal company, Waste-tron, in 1992, under a Class IIa licence (which allowed the disposal of domestic and industrial waste) following an Environmental Impact Assessment. In 1996, EnviroServ acquired Waste-tron and became the Shongweni Landfill operators.


The Landfill

EnviroServ's first permit to operate at Shongweni was issued by the then-Department of Water and Forestry Affairs in August 1997, in terms of Section 20 of the Environmental Conservation Act (73 of 1989). The permit was renewed by the Department of Water Affairs in September 2005. In 2007 this was renewed again by the Department of Environmental Affairs. The current H:h Waste Management Licence was issued in 2014


Story Continues

The Shongweni site is one of seven landfill sites run by the company across Southern Africa. It is run according to international best-practice standards with the aim of minimising risk to the environment through responsible management practices. In keeping with its philosophy of minimising impact, the company offers a range of alternate waste management solutions, with disposal to landfill being one of many options.

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The Landfill Process

Site selection

A landfill site takes a minimum of five years from planning stage to operation.


Considers natural geology, groundwater and other environmental factors


The landfill basal barrier is designed to prevent pollution.


Infrastructure development for basal liner, clean storm water diversion, contaminated stormwater management and leachate collection

Closure of a Landfill

Capping with a drainage and barrier layer, topsoil and grassing

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